WOW, so I’ve received quite a nice response to my latest pictures! I’ve read a lot of the tags, and omgoshhh there are so many super sweet comments- thank you sooooo much!!! <3 <3 <3 I’m glad some of you have enjoyed some of my pictures as much as I have!

Also, I tend to respond to most of my messages privately- so I know I don’t have much presence on this blog, but I want to thank everyone who comments, likes, reblogs, messages, and follows! I do read your comments and many of them have made me very, very happy!
You guys are great! Thank you again! <3

'Diebuster' by request! <3 
(I actually didn’t know anything about this series, but the first thing I saw when I looked it up was a girl with pink hair and everyone in bloomer shorts…..Of course I went ahead and watched all 6 episodes! You knew what you were doing when you requested this….XD) Lark/Lal’C was most-def my favorite, so here you go! XD